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Welcome to DevZen


Welcome to DevZen, a business by Nick. Based in West Berkshire, UK the business was formed in 2009 to fill a growing need for the development of websites, and other computer services, for small (and local) organisations and businesses. Websites have included customised HTML, JavaScript and PHP, WordPress and Drupal Content Management Systems (CMS) and more.

Things I do


I develop websites, typically based around WordPress. The idea is once set-up you are then empowered to be able to easily maintain the content yourself.

Teaching and training

I have provided teaching / training for a number of companies and educational establishments covering standard office applications to programming and other computer related topics.

Frequently asked.

How much does a typical website project cost?

Prices and timescales vary depending on the project details.

Will you purchase the domain name and hosting?

You, the client, are advised to purchase the domain name and hosting. Advice on the hosting requirements can be given. With you, the client, purchasing the domain name and hosting directly you not only lower costs but you retain total control.

Can I manage the website myself?

In most cases yes, but it does depend on the website being created and software used. Most sites created use a Content Management System and you will be able to add to and update the system yourself.

Will you perform site updates and feature additions?

If requested to, yes, updates can be performed and features added.

Do you code as well?

Yes, many website require customisation beyond the basics and this requires programming PHP, MySQL and JavaScript for example.

Do you charge a yearly fee?

No, the charge based on work done and is done on as needed basis.

Are you a qualified teacher?

I am an experienced teacher with a PGCE (Post Compulsory Education). I have taught a number of computer science and engineering subjects at Further and Higher Education levels.