Thatcham Festival of Arts & Leisure

Project Description

The "Thatcham Festival of Arts & Leisure" is a local event that takes place in October and is now in its 10th year. The event is primarily organised by Thatcham Town Council. The event has continued to grow, and this year it was thought that the event should have an associated website and social media to help publicise the event and collect media and feedback. As such we have created The website is built using Drupal, icons from and a theme, Pacifica, from Theme forest. The latter of which has had to be modified and converted for use with Drupal. Social media has also been set-up for the event, which we will run on behalf of the organisers.

Project Details

  • Customize off-the-shelf theme (ThemeForest)
  • Drupal installation and customisation
  • Social media set-up

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